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Alfred Wallace 75%+ Revenue Increase Brand Revival.

Alfred Wallace is a local bespoke kitchen designer & builder in Hampshire. Coupled with the respectable Herbert Williams, we were tasked to create a brand image that would go hand in hand with the level of work Alfred Wallace hand crafts.


Here’s some reason why Nick (Alfred Wallace MD) chose ZENTA Digital:


+ Outdated Website Design & Function

+ Losing Grip On Industry Dominance

+ Unrecognisable & No Reference

+ Didn’t Have a Huge Agency Budget


Due to our long-lasting partnership with Alfred Wallace, we have achieved a huge 75% increase in annual revenue as a result of this rebrand and visual/technical improvement.

Solardome Industries 385.3%+ Increase In Organic Traffic

Solardome Industries is a pioneering company based in Southampton that’s at the forefront of geodesic dome technology and sustainable architecture.


Solardome came to ZENTA Digital for the following reasons:


+ Outdated Website Design & Function

+ Slow Website Speed

+ Unable To Share Latest Work

+ Didn’t Have a Huge Agency Budget

As a result of our successful partnership, Solardome Industries has seen a huge 1,237.2% increase in organic web visits