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Digital represents four subservices that work to improve how people see and engage with you online. Web Design, SEO, Web Hosting and UX can all be used to enhance your business's presence, both online and offline.

Working with businesses that are looking to achieve realistic revenue-boosting results and a significant increase in user engagement that drives positive future change.

  • + Web Design
  • + Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • + Web Hosting
  • + User Experience (UX)
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We actively support five different industries with our digital services, achieving upwards of a 39% increase in revenue, a 356% increase in organic website traffic, and an impressive 27% increase in engagement in the past year. Investing in these services provides longevity for your online presence by creating refreshed, data-driven content that demands attention and engagement from your target audience. When you work with us, you’ll understand exactly what it’s like to achieve meaningful results.


Web Design

Prioritising your goals and your audience’s movements, we build both custom and template websites that correctly reflect your brand’s identity and market position. We prioritise user experience and responsive design to create a visually appealing and functional website.

Web hosting

Offering a leading, dedicated server that is optimised for the highest level of web performance and usability. Unbeatable loading times and an uptime of 99% When you migrate to our award-winning server, you won’t pay for migration.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Using leading software and strategies to optimise websites that later perform better on search engines and rank relevant keywords relating to your business or industry.

User Experience (UX)

Understanding what your audience is doing on your website and making improvements to better enhance their experience will result in higher conversion rates and performance.

We deliver innovative, results-driven digital work across a range of industries & markets.

Football Player Website Design

68% of online purchases start with a search engine. This is why professionally presenting yourself at the top of search results is the key to driving additional revenue and brand awareness for your business.

Adjusting just the smallest of areas like a checkout page can have a positively dramatic impact on your conversion rate, so much so that eCommerce stores that optimise their checkouts see an increase of 35% in their conversion rate. You can read more about our recent website launch for Solardome Industries.

Sports & Entertainment Website


When it comes to the cost of a website, the price can vary depending on various factors, such as the type of website, features, and functionality required, and the complexity of design and development. As a web design agency, we provide custom quotes based on each client’s unique needs and requirements, ensuring transparency and affordability.

Designing and building a website can take different amounts of time, depending on the project’s complexity and scope. Here at ZENTA Digital, we work closely with our clients to establish a realistic timeline and provide regular updates throughout the process, ensuring timely delivery and meeting their expectations.

Website hosting refers to the process of storing and serving website files on a server, allowing users to access them on the internet. Our web design agency offers a range of hosting options to suit our clients’ specific needs, ensuring their websites are secure and running smoothly.

Web design and web development are two distinct aspects of website creation. Web design focuses on the visual aesthetics and user interface, while web development involves the technical aspects of building and maintaining a website’s functionality and structure. As a full-service web design agency, we provide both web design and web development services to meet our clients’ needs.

Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO is a highly effective digital strategy aimed at boosting a website’s organic visibility by ranking on search engines like Google. Ultimately, effective SEO drives non-paid traffic to a website, increasing its chances of being discovered by your target audience, which is actively seeking to find out more information about your products, services, or business.