We’ve been working hard this month to bring some awesome free valuable content to you that we hope you can take full advantage of in this new year, 2024.

To kick things off, we’ve created a fully bespoke, social media content calendar for businesses that was created with our industry leading data and insights from 2023/24 to ensure progressive results for your businesses social media.

I’m going to drive into how you can use this and why using it will help.

If you don’t want to listen to what I have to say, you can directly download our free social media content calendar here: Free Social Media Content Calendar

What is a social media content calendar

Social media over the years has proven to be a fantastic way to get more eyeballs on your business. With the rise of influencers, personal brands and business accounts, you can quite easily generate more revenue, increase inbound leads and overall maximise the presence of your business online for a very low cost and time.

80.8% Of the world’s population uses at least one social media platform, so it goes without saying, consistently posting high quality content that resonates with your audience on social media isn’t a bad investment. But most seem to overlook it!

How much does social media management cost? Due to social media’s time consuming efforts, most businesses hire external agencies like ZENTA Digital to take the pressure off and maximise success on social media.

With that said, our pricing starts at £500/Month for social media management, however, other agencies may be more expensive/offer less.

Using an external agency isn’t for everyone though, which is why we have created this free content calendar.

How to use our free social media content calendar

Our free social media content calendar has been designed to be used with ease, giving you a hassle free experience and maximising the success of your efforts going forwards

Remember: Social media takes time, stay consistent and stick to the calendar and I assure you, your reach, engagement, followers and more will increase. 

If it doesn’t drop me an email and I’ll personally help you for free until you do: alfie@zentadigital.com

Anyway, here’s how you can maximise the success of this content calendar and ensure you’re organised and get it done.

  1. Simply identify the ideas on the content calendar and create a plan that aligns with your day-to-day operations to ensure you can get the content needed to post.
  2. Go and get that content, one of the many reasons we get signed by businesses to help with organic social media is because we keep you accountable for getting this content. (Alternatively delegate it to a team member) You’ve got this!

Tip: We suggest gathering your content week by week or month by month as it’s much easier to get a load of content in one day or a couple of days than it is every day for an entire week or month.

  1. Lastly, organise the content, edit it, and get it scheduled with industry specific hashtags (Yes hashtags still work), SEO optimised social media descriptions and appropriate eye-catching thumbnails.

I really hope this helps your business grow on social media. If it doesn’t get in touch and I’ll personally help you get traction within 30 days for free: alfie@zentadigital.com 

You may also find our recent social media results for Cainark Dog Training here interesting and proof of the potential with social media for businesses: 4 Millions organic views with social media in 5 months.

I’d love to see the results you achieve off the back of this content calendar as well, so free free to tag me on LinkedIn or send me an email of you data as you progress through the content calendar.


AUTHOR: Alfie Richards
Managing Direct at ZENTA Digital

Hi, I’m Alfie, the Founder and Managing Director here at ZENTA Digital. Our purpose is to maximise the success of businesses online using modern technology both organic and paid. You can get in touch with me directly with the information below, I’m always happy to chat.


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Andy Segon
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We have found Alfie & his team very proactive in Web-designing, coming up different ideas & a bespoke approach. We are very pleased with the website designed by ZENTA. They have also been very responsive to any requests for changes/updates throughout the process of Web-development and since the website went live.

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